A Human Group Geometry

Intra-group, genetic variation FEEDS sensory stimulus + Invigoration;

SS+I PRIMES NEED FOR the socio-rational.

Sensory and physio-conceptual ambiguity also PRIMES NEED FOR AND SO REINFORCES the socio-rational.

Aggression PRIMES GREATER NEED FOR the socio-rational;

Groups end up controlling to some extent their physio-sensory, physio-aesthetic experience BECAUSE NECESSITATES ONCE AGAIN the socio-rational as exercise in their being who they are.

Genetic intra-group variation and difference of personality create conflict and contingency THAT FEEDS NECESSITY OF the socio-rational.

Development of greater paradigm of socio-individuality CAN ACCOMMODATE greater levels of explosive aggression, because individuality (and in its necessary degree of homogenization) from structural standpoint is definition, management and control of physiological substance of group, through time.

More aggression necessitates more developed rationality towards permanece of group, in time; and so inversely, higher rational development (as structural security), allows for greater degree of controlled but explosive aggression towards group-external and inter-group reality.

Greater aggression as group survival resource LEADS TO structural necessity of greater socio-rational paradigm of individuality;

Maintenance of such an original, identitary tension , through time and during lulls in violence, is found in general through sensory stimulus, and especially mild forms of basically permanent intra-group conflict and excitement, probably gleaned and especially possible as of genetic, intra-group variation among individuals and individual personality.



Needed: Reference to Konrad Lorenz and notion that aggression is primitive ingrediente of greater individuality for mammals; as of herd instinct and possible evolution towards pack and group contexts that, to manage aggression, must develop stronger, more elaborate paradigms of individuality the group can then consolidate and structurally protect itself with.

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