Table of Contents


  1. Perceiving and Interpreting: The Logos of the anthropological Self
  2. Foundational Simulacrum in Human Groups
  3. Working a Field Becomes Simulacrum for What?
  4. George Mosse, “The Culture of Western Europe” (1961)
  5. On Konrad Lorenz On Aggression
  6. Physiological Resources and the Simulacra of Anthropology
  7. Constructive Nihilism in Human Group Simulacra?
  8. Hitchcock’s MacGuffins
  9. After the Definitive Fall of Myth
  10. Logical-Conceptual Possibility from Socio-Genetic Physiology
  11. Against the Current (1979) Isaiah Berlin (Princeton Univ. Press, 2001)
  12. Star Trek, The Original:

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